ImmunoPower® Pill Free

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ImmunoPower® Pill Free

Good news! This is one very concentrated and powerful way of taking supplemental nutrients without swallowing pills.

We now have a pill-free nutrition supplement for people who cannot take pills. 

According to a recent study, 40% of American adults have trouble swallowing pills. 

ImmunoPower® Pill-Free DOES NOT contain all the ingredients in ImmunoPower Ultimate A or B. 

ImmunoPower® Pill-Free is designed to provide a measure of nutritional support to people who cannot swallow pills. Simply add a small spoonful of this powdered vitamin/mineral/herbal mixture to dramatically improve the nutrient content of your green smoothie or similar. 

Many of the ingredients found in ImmunoPower® Ultimate A and B cannot be taken in powder form because they have such a bitter or unacceptable flavor.

ImmunoPower® Pill-Free solves the problem of providing nutrient support for the over 75 million American adults who cannot swallow pills. It is a move in the right direction. 

See the label of ingredients in ImmunoPower® Pill-Free to see if it meets your needs.