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We are very pleased to bring our loyal customers the newest ImmunoPower® product: ImmunoPower®Ultimate, Part A and Part B. Since 1997, ImmunoPower® has provided optimal nutrition to help restore optimal health in its users. 

ImmunoPower® Ultimate Part B provides potent dosages of vitamin D, ester vitamin C with bioflavonoids, lipoic acid, Coenzyme Q10, probiotic organisms, green tea, vitamin K, and an herbal blend (including echinacea, astragalus, goldenseal, licorice, and olive leaf extract) and a proteolytic enzyme blend. 

Beta Glucan 

Derived from the cell walls of baker’s yeast, beta glucan has been scientifically proven to maintain and support a healthy immune response. A strong immune system is vital to the preservation of your good health. Our beta glucan has been subjected to rigorous studies at numerous universities, and is the most potent beta glucan available on the market today. 

Green Tea Extract -- 95% polyphenol content 

Contains significantly higher amounts of epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), the most active catechin (polyphenol), compared to most green tea extracts. Catechin polyphenols and other compounds in green tea act in synergy to promote fat oxidation and thermogenesis. 

Proteolytic enzymes 

Proteolytic enzymes have been shown to support the immune system and lessen inflammatory conditions. Proteolytic enzymes (or proteases) refer to the various enzymes that breaks protein down into smaller units. These enzymes include bromelain (pineapple enzyme), papain (papaya enzyme), fungal proteases, Serratia peptidase (the “silk worm” enzyme) and catalase. Preparations of proteolytic enzymes have been shown to be useful in the many situations.

If you purchase ImmunoPower® Ultimate A and B together you combine nutrients that are meant to be synergistic. That is why you get a discount when purchasing the package together. 

We encourage our customers to choose which supplements work best for your lifestyle and program. Please work with your health care professional to find the right supplement for your needs.

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    ImmunoPower - A Life Saver!

    Posted by Marce Hanson on Oct 31st 2017

    After my husband's cancer diagnosis, we discovered this wonderful product and have had absolutely amazing success in keeping his immune system powered up to fight infections...with the result being he had one cold in the past two years. This will be a forever staple in our household. Worth every dollar!

  • 5
    Love ImmunoPower!

    Posted by Marce Hanson on Aug 3rd 2017

    My husband was diagnosed with Non Hodgkins two years ago & has been undergoing chemo during that time. We were super concerned about the state of his immune system but after doing some research & reading Dr. Quillin's "Beating Cancer with Nutrition" book, we decided to give this product a try. My husband's health has been unbelievable - no colds, infections or illnesses...which has blown his oncologist away! This stuff is the real deal kids. Worth every penny!