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Nothing says Fall like pumpkin, gourds and cauliflower and more.  A popular selection of seeds for Fall planting, producing edible flowers, roots and leaves. Popular kitchen vegetables and herbs. Carefully selected heirloom, non-GMO, open pollinated seeds for the home gardener.

  • Over 15,000 Seeds for Medicial Herbs. 21 Varieties.
  • 12 page booklet detailing history and uses of Autumn Edibles.

SEEDS - Over 15,000 Seeds. 21 Varieties.

Pumpkin Cabbage Chives
Cinderella, Big Max, Candy Kale Dill
Gourds, Mixed Cauliflower Parsley
Pea Broccoli Basil
Spinach Lettuce Arugula
Carrot   Catnip
Brussels Sprouts   Lemon Balm

  Carefully Selected

  • 100% Heirloom
  • 100% USA Grown
  • 100% Non GMO
  • 100% Open Pollinated

Other Benefits

  • Medicinal qualities
  • Individually Packed
  • Moisture proof mylar bag
  • Long term storage
  • Resealable
  • Perfect Gift!