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ImmunoPower provides a proven assortment of essential and useful nutrient factors: 

It provides carefully chosen essential and useful nutrient factors: vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, mushrooms, herbs, extracts, conditionally essential nutrients and more to help the fight against breast cancer.  All these substances are of the finest grade material, with 2-part laboratory-analysis for full purity, potency and synergism.  ImmunoPower bundle is the best nutrition supplement on the planet.


Save $$$$$ vs buying individually. Take our list of nutrients to your local health food store. The price will be at least 400% greater than what you are paying for the ImmunoPower Bundle.  We did the research and took the tedious and frustrating scavenger hunt out of your schedule. 


Includes ImmunoPower 7.0 + Krill Oil




70+ Powerful Ingredients in ImmunoPower 7.0







Add to your favorite smoothie, yogurt, juice and more!


ImmunoPower was designed by an internationally recognized expert on clinical nutrition, Patrick Quillin, PhD,RD,CNS; after 20 years of education, 40 years of clinical experience, thousands of scientific article read, hundreds of nutrition textbooks... bringing you the state of the art in nutrition supplements.



Over 70 cancer fighting vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, amino acids, fatty acids and more!.  All 2X tested for full potency and free of any contaminants.

ImmunoPower 7.0: 13 ounces of powder

Krill Oil: 30 capsules at 500 mg each

Suggested Use:

ImmunoPower 7.0: 30 servings, take 2 per day=15 day supply, to be mixed with a smoothie, applesauce, yogurt, etc.

Krill Oil: Take 2 caps per day, which means this bottle provides 15 day supply

Please work with your health care professional.


Here are 10 great reasons to buy ImmunoPower:

  1. The Best Cancer Fighting Supplement - Over 25 Years!

  2. Stimulates the Immune System

  3. Reduces Breast Cancer Fatigue

  4. Fights All Stages Breast Cancer

  5. Ideal Supplements to Take During Chemotherapy. Helps Better Manager the RIgors of Chemotherapy and Radiation for Medically Treated Cancer Patients

  6. Contains 70+ Ingredients - All Carefully Selected for a Synergistic Combination

  7. All Ingredients 2X Laboratory-Tested for Highest Quality and Full Potency

  8. Developed by Leading Cancer Nutrition Expert who has Worked with 1000's Cancer Patients

  9. ImmunoPower has Been Providing Premium Cancer Nutrition Supplements for 25+ years 

  10. Ordering is 100% safe and secure. Your personal details are never shared, sold or rented