Sinus Cleanser

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Wash away germs in the nasal passage with Sinus Cleanser, a simple to use homeopathic solution that will allow you to breathe freely. Wash the sinuses of germs, mold, dust, pollution and other irritants. Reduce sinus infections.

Suitable for:

  • Eliminate Germs
  • Cleanse Viruses
  • Sinus Congestion 
  • Common Cold and Flu Congestion
  • Mild Allergies and Hay Fever
  • Everyday Irritants Including Pets, Dust, Dander, Smoke
  • All Nasal Symptoms 
  • Post Nasal Drip
  • Suitable for Children

Benefits of Using Sinus Cleanser

  • Homeopathic - unique combination with 6 natural ingredients
  • Nasal passage cleaner
  • Not just a saline solution
  • Alleviates the underlying causes of your sinus problems, not simply suppress them as do many competing products
  • Helps subdue the symptoms of a fungal overload in the sinuses
  • Relieve sinus pressure and congestion
  • Reduce the underlying cause of your sinus congestion
  • Easy to use with easy squeeze bottle
  • Nasal congestion relief
  • Great for travel
  • Suitable for children and during pregnancy
  • No drowsiness or dry mouth
  • Homeopathic remedy for sinus infections
  • Money back guarantee. It works, or you get a refund (less shipping costs). 

A Unique Formula with Ingredients You Can Trust.

  • Baptisa Tinctoria (wild indigo)
  • Salt Water
  • Collodial Silver
  • Grapefruit Seed Extract
  • Oregano
  • Benzalkonium Chloride (1% as required by FDA)

Suggested Use:
Daily as needed

30 day supply

Instructions on how to use Sinus Cleanser


  • 5
    Sinus Cleaner

    Posted by Byron Crotts on Mar 30th 2020

    Great product. It work very well

  • 5
    Only one you should have

    Posted by Gilda Molko on Dec 15th 2019

    I have been using sinus cleaner for years. It is very effective with and without my sinus pulse. I would recommended over all those other types of lavages on the market.

  • 5
    sinus cleanser

    Posted by SHARON AST on Dec 11th 2019

    Ive used this product for 10 years Its been a life saver prevented me from having sinus infections and horrible headaches I had for years before discovering thank you Lord

  • 5
    After 25 years of sinus infections,bad breath and a swollen noise, this product has changed my life. Tired of ENT doctors prescribing Meds and sprays and never getting better. Getting gracefully older is now a keeper.

    Posted by Patt Fratti on Aug 27th 2019

    I first saw this product with Life Extension who I have subscribed to since 1986. I tracked down this product after it was discontinued and can only say to those who are at a loss for unending suffering with sinus/nose problems....BUY THIS PRODUCT. Much to gain and nothing to loose.

  • 5
    Sinus Cleanser

    Posted by Kathryn McKenzie on Jul 8th 2019

    I've used this product off and on for 10 years. It's even withst6ood a long stay in the freezer only to be opened again and used as it was intended. To me it is similar to XLEAR and NasalCrom and used almost interchangeably.

  • 5
    Absolutely LOVE it.

    Posted by Tara Lulka on Feb 27th 2019

    I love this because it helps keep you healthy. If you have a cold it will knock it right out. Thumbs Up!

  • 5
    A good product

    Posted by Margaret on Jun 5th 2018

    I use it daily to keep my sinuses clean and to help prevent infections to which I am prone. More difficult to rid of infection once it has settled in.

  • 4
    Sinus Cleanser

    Posted by margaret on Mar 19th 2018

    this product seems to go deeper into the sinuses to clean and reduce inflammation and infection.

  • 5
    A must have for daily cleansing!

    Posted by Gilda ******* on Feb 20th 2018

    Used it for years, helps when I am not using my irrigator.