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• Promote Sleep and Soothe Sinuses


• Revitalize Your Neck: Our Lymphatic Massager is a holistic solution designed to alleviate daily stress and enhance physical well-being. By emitting gentle pulses through your neck, it exercises muscles, promoting improved blood circulation, and preventing lymph node blockage.


• Customizable Massage Experience: Enjoy the freedom to choose from 4 distinct Neck Massage Modes and 12 Levels of Intensity. Tailor your massage to your personal needs, mimicking the sensation of a real massage. This promotes detoxification of the lymphatic system, effectively relieving fatigue. For beginners, start with the lowest intensity for a gentle introduction.

• Compact and Featherlight: Crafted with high-quality, malleable materials, our U-shaped neck massager seamlessly contours to your neck's curve. Weighing just 0.27 lb (126 g), it's exceptionally lightweight, ensuring no burden on your shoulders during use.


• Intelligent and User-Friendly Design: Our Neck Acupoints Lymphatic Massager boasts built-in key features, including a 15-minute cycle and auto power-off after each session. The innovative thermostat achieves three-second heating, enhancing the fatigue-eliminating experience. Suitable for everyone, this intelligent design prioritizes your well-being.


• How to Use: Begin by fully charging the neck massager before your first use. Wipe your neck with a damp towel before application. Please note that experiencing a slight electric shock during initial use is normal.


Discover the transformative power of our Lymphatic Massager, designed to invigorate your neck, promote restful sleep, and bring relief to your sinuses.