12 Keys to a Healthier Cancer Patient

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Alternative Cancer Treatment Book

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Natural Cancer Treatment Book

How to Stop Tumor Growth Naturally

How to Reverse Cancer Cells
Kill Cancer Cells in the Body

Alternative Cancer Treatment

Natural Ways to Shrink Tumors


This books helps you understand the:

Problem & Solution

Genetics and Epigentics Connection


How Your Body Can Fight Cancer
Nutrition, Genetics, Microbiome, Detox, Exercise, Energy, Mind



Learn MANY low-cost methods to fight cancer:
Powerful Mind Techniques
Attitude Adjustment
Simple Lifestyle Changes
Toxin Avoidance
Cleanse the Body
Energy Alignment
Healthy Pleasures
Inspiration from Geniuses
Microbiome Health
Delicious Nutrition Options
7-Day Meal Plan with Recipes
Comprehensive Treatment Outline
Rational Cancer Treatment


How to Reverse Cancer Cells Naturally

Endorsement from Alan Gaby, MD.
One of the world’s foremost authorities on Nutritional Medicine

“This book is long overdue.  Cancer patients need a sense of empowerment while undergoing medical therapy.  Dr. Quillin’s book provides a practical game plan to help cancer patients unlock their own healing powers.  Strongly endorsed.”

Nutrition for Cancer Patients
Includes Recipes, Meal Plan, Smoothies, Juices

how to stop tumor growth naturally
how to stop tumor growth naturally
how to stop tumor growth naturally

Natural Cancer Treatments
Alternative and Holistic Treatment


You are not a prisoner of your genes.

You may look like your ancestors, but you do not have to die from the same conditions as they did.


Your body has the ability to recognize and destroy cancer if …
you provide the necessary natural forces, called epigenetics.

Lifestyle plays a prominent role in your genetic expression of diseases.

You can have a huge influence in turning on or off the various genes that regulate disease.

Epigenetics shows us how lifestyle can help you beat cancer.


You Can Unlock your Body’s Incredible Healing Capacity with Natural Treatment Options

This book is about your healing from cancer while working with your doctor. Everything mentioned in this book is meant to buttress your doctor’s best care, not to replace it. Let’s be clear. I do not cure anyone. I am an educator with a rare grasp of the keys required to unlock your body’s unfathomable healing capacity. Your true doctor lives within you. And together, we are going to bring your innate healing capacity up to its peak.

This book is meant to be an advanced companion to my bestseller, BEATING CANCER WITH NUTRITION. This book is a consolidation of my 20 years of education, 40 years of professional experience, thousands of patients that I counselled, hundreds of textbooks that I have read, thousands of peer reviewed journal articles I have read, and over 600 hours of postgraduate training at seminars. Do not underestimate the power in this information.

The feedback I received over the past years has helped to shape this book into its format. Plenty of color illustrations are used. “A picture is worth a thousand words.” And a lot easier and more enjoyable to grasp. Large type is used since many cancer patients are older and may have compromised vision. No words are wasted in this book. Words are simply tools to bridge the gap between my mind and your mind. I am not trying to impress anyone with my vocabulary, but simply choosing the proper tool for the job.

Each of these chapters could have been a semester class in college rich in bombastic scientific language. I have spared you the trouble. This book is meant to provide you with a short, punchy, easy to read, colorful, bullet point guide to get your body back into prime healing mode. For the Kindle Version please go to Amazon.com